Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happily Never After

Happily ever afters are more rare than a cold day in June. It seems tears and anger slice through wedding bands and tear off bliss faster than they could see it coming. "I want" replaces "I do", and the story ends long before the book runs out of pages.
We have a war waging on the home fronts we don't see coming. It arrives in a small lie and leaves carnage in its wake. Wedding rings are thrown out along with the disappointment and devastation of love lost.
What did you think "I do" meant?
What did you believe "I do" was?
When he works late nights...I do
When dinner gets cold...I do
When bills are due...I do
When the water gets cut off...I do
When the car battery dies...I do
When the baby is up all night...I do
When he is grouchy...I do
When he seems distant...I do
When he falls asleep during the movie...I do
When he forgets...I do
When you get lost on a road trip...I do
When you are late...I do
When you are so mad your head spins...I do
When he isn't the man in your romance novel...I do
When you don't want to...I do
The only way you won't end up as half of a broken heart is to cling to the truth of the vows made before God. The God who created marriage, reflects marriage, and ordained marriage.
Hold fast to God, hold the hand who took yours at the alter, and hold to the promise and blessings of living happily ever after.

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