Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm currently training for a race. It's not a long race at all, but if I don't stay conditioned I won't be able to run it as well as I know I can.

I'm a bit of an excessive fanatic anyway, so throwing some extra miles into my workout routine isn't a big deal. After workouts I feel stronger, proud, and I could run another five miles, but I'm not that crazy...almost, but not quite.

I realized lately that being a Godly wife is a lot like working out. I can study and read and seek counsel on how to be a good wife, but if I'm not "working out" daily by applying it, I won't ever be conditioned and fit as the wife my husband needs.

I can't do a quick five minute wife workout and expect results. I can't even run one wife marathon and expect a life time of marital bliss. That's not what getting in shape and staying in shape is about.

My husband sure does appreciate how I keep my body a lean, mean, fit machine. He is really good at letting me know how much he likes it. But what he likes even more is when I work out my wife skills. He notices my gentleness, respect, and support long before he notices my abs.

So I've challenged myself and I challenge you...before you get your miles in or your sit-ups done, workout your wife/husband/mom/dad/employee/daughter/son self. And do it's the only way you'll grow stronger, get better, be more efficient, and fit.

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