Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Overachiever Housewife

I'm always looking for ways to save time, multitask, kill 5 birds with one stone kind of thing. My mom used to refer to that as being an overachiever, I like to think she meant superwoman.

After burning the candle at 3 ends (do the math, it doesn't add up) as a newlywed, I figured it was time for some practical changes.

One, my husband just needed me when he got home, not a dusted mantle, not a four course meal with full China place settings, and certainly not me all stressed out that I hadn't organized the linen closet or run five miles.

Two, me being joyful with a smile on my face to greet my hard working hubby went way further than the overachieving madness I had spun myself into.

Now with two boys, four times the laundry, double the mouths to feed, and double the square footage of that first year of marriage apartment, I have a list 2 miles long...hourly.

Not that all days run smoothly (they don't), not that the boys are always dressed and clean (they aren't), but I feel after 7 years of marriage I'm finally figuring out how to get some of those birds with one stone...even when I can't see to aim.

While there's moments I feel like I've got 12 projects going at once, I'm learning the ins and outs of management and know what's going on where...except for when my oldest is chowing down coffee beans and the baby is programming the DVR.

I feel good on the days I've got fresh bread rising, spinach smoothies made, laundry and ironing done, dishes washed and dried, dinner marinating, boys fed and clean, 5 miles run, and have make-up on, hair brushed, and a smile on my face when Matt walks in the door.

But I feel even better on the days when we are bursting with stories from humorous mishaps, stains on our clothes from adventures outdoors, and when Matt gets homes we all collapse in a pile of laughter amidst the to-do list realizing sometimes memories are bigger than the messes.