Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello, My Name is: Never

I would have been bright eyed and filled with wonder wrapping chubby fingers around yours.
I would have smiled at you.
I would been a little ballerina with tip toes twirling on your hardwood floor.
I would have sweaty little ringlets at the back of my neck after running around the playground with you.
I would have reached in the brownie bowl for a lick.
I would have held your hand to cross the street and call to you from my room when the shadows got too big at night.
I would have played soccer and beam a toothless grin to you when I kicked my first goal.
I would have been giddy on Christmas morning as I saw my new bike with sparkly tassels.
I would have needed you for all my questions about make-up and outfits.
I have painted nails with you.
I would have gone shopping and told you about my recent crush.
I would have hugged you for believing in me as I crossed the stage for my diploma.
I would have called about the new ring on my left hand.
I have needed you to go dress shopping.
I would have been a radiant bride in a white taffeta gown beaming up at my groom.
I would have been an incredible mother to your grandchildren.
I would have become your very dear friend.

I would have...

But now I am a child of Heaven, forever in the arms of Jesus.
And because you took away what I would have been,
I now will always be a hole in your heart and a void for the rest of your life in...

...what could have been.

A voice of the unwanted, only because she was a little girl. Written in response to the gender selective abortions being carried out across our country