Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Surrender to Southern Living...

...and Pottery Barn, and Martha Stewart. I surrender to HGTV, to my Christmas decorating Pinterest board, and to my romantic notions of decking the halls with only boughs of holly. 

I have this simplistic approach to holiday falalala-ling that involves understated natural elements to create a casual elegance that gently hums "O Holy Night".

But I'm surrounded with men whose idea of trimming the tree screams some rambunctious garage band/beat box version of "Jingle Bells, Bat Man smells" with an added dose of chaos. 

But over the years my love of white lights and rustic fresh cut greens have transformed to include construction paper ornaments, anything bright red or green, and frosted window pains created from pb&j residue.

I may never have a tree themed "Glorious Christmas Night" or "The 12 Days of Christmas", but I'm strangely proud of my "Hail to All Things Erratic" themed tree complete with homemade memories hanging from the branches and its seizure inducing flashing iridescent neon. 

I love that all of my men, every one of them, gets giddy with dusk when the colored lights shine brightest.

 I love that our tree is covered in stories. 

And I love that all four of us have a part in rebelling from magazine perfect trimmings and decking our halls our way.

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