Friday, December 14, 2012

What I Learned From Mary Bailey

1. When a man offers you the moon, take it. Sure, it's frivolous. Sure flowers die, candy gets eaten, the moon won't fit on the mantle, but a man's sincerest gestures of thinking of spontaneous purchases to shower on his lady need to be appreciated, adored, cherished, lest they disappear all together. from one too many comments about price, sensibility, or occasion.

2. Never use any womanly wiles to punish your man for a decision you wouldn't have made. Running off to your office right after saying your wedding vows sure would leave a score hard to come back from, but Mrs. Bailey created a honeymoon retreat while her new husband was hard at work and rewarded him with love and respect beyond words.

3. If a woman can have four kids, run a war effort, and remodel a home, I can find some time to complete some of the home improvement pins I have on Pinterest.

4. Encourage your children to pray for their Daddy. Every man needs to know his spouse is lifting him up in prayer, but there's got to be something to knowing she's leading his children in prayer to their Heavenly Father for him that does a man good.

5. Don't sit around wondering what you can do to help. Mary bailey saw a need and used your good senses and wit to come to her husband's aid instead of wringing her hands. Don't wait around to be told what and how to figure out a problem, jump in and be the help God created you to be.

6. Respect your man unconditionally. Live it out before your children, family, and friends. You will be your husband's princess and most cherished possession and it truly will be a wonderful life.

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